Colorado ZR2 Is Only Pickup Truck to Earn 2018 Autotrader Must Test Drive Award

Earlier this year, Autotrader announced the twelve winners of the 2018 Autotrader Must Test Drive Award. Only one pickup earned a spot on the coveted list: the Chevy Colorado ZR2, available at Bill Crispin Chevrolet.

In determining the winners of the Must Test Drive Award, Autotrader considered a number of factors, such as technology, interior comfort, and ride quality. The Colorado ZR2 reportedly stood out for its off-road prowess and capabilities. Specifically, Autotrader remarked that the “ZR2 is a true off-road machine, rugged and ready for almost anything you can throw at it.”

Colorado ZR2 earns a spot on the 2018 Autotrader Must Test Drive Award

According to Chevy, the Colorado ZR2 is so unique in the pickup category that it is almost in its own class—one that combines the benefits of midsize pickups (better fuel economy and maneuverability) with the off-road capabilities of your favorite full-size pickups. Some features that set the ZR2 apart from its competition include the off-road application of Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve (DSSV™) damper technology, front and rear electronic locking differentials, and an available diesel engine.

“We’re honored by this recognition and thrilled that Autotrader has picked up on the versatile footprint and serious off-road capabilities of ZR2,” commented Anita Burke, vehicle chief engineer for Midsize Truck, General Motors. “ZR2 builds on the already-capable platform of the Colorado, and we agree that all customers looking for a great truck, not to mention an excellent off-road vehicle, should give it a spin, as it’s every bit as enjoyable on paved roads as it is on sand dunes, two-tracks and while rock crawling.”

If you plan to listen to listen to Autotrader’s advice and test drive the Colorado ZR2, head over to Bill Crispin Chevrolet!

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