This Christmas, Make a DIY Snow Globe

Opening Christmas present - DIY snow globe

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas craft? Maybe you’re in need of a unique gift for a friend or family member? Try something new this season and bring the magic of a fresh snowfall inside with a homemade snow globe. Our DIY snow globe tutorial is fun and easy to follow!

Gather Supplies

For each snow globe, you will need to buy the figures you would like to have in your snow globe. You can find many small animals, plants and trees at your local craft store. You’ll also need glitter, glue, and glass jars with lids. Make sure the jars are big enough to fit your figures.

Set it Up

Arrange your figures how you’d like them, and then glue them to the bottom side of your jar’s lid. If you’d like to, you can paint the lid a festive color beforehand or leave it as is.

Add the “Snow”

Fill your jar most of the way with water. Then, add a pinch of glitter.

Put It All Together

Dab a little extra glue on the inside rim of the jar’s lid. Then, screw the lid on tightly, being careful not to dislodge the figures. Let dry, then turn your DIY snow globe back and forth and watch it snow!

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