How to Rotate Tires the Right Way

A mechanic removing a car tire

Rotating your tires is an important part of keeping the wear on them consistent and lengthening their lifespan.  But, you might not want to pay to get it done every six months, even if it is easy to get done when your car is getting an oil change. If you have a couple of hours, rotating your tires is easy as long as you follow these patterns. Here’s how to rotate tires the right way.

How you rotate your tires depends on what kind of drivetrain you have. Front-, rear-, and four-wheel drive all drive differently, so the tires wear differently. For front-wheel drive, use what experts call the Forward Cross. This is when you move the front tires directly back—front right tire moves to back right wheel, front left tire moves to back left wheel. But, with the back tires, you switch sides on the front, so the rear left tire goes on the front right wheel and the rear right tire goes on the front left wheel.

There are two other patterns, which are better to use for rear- and four-wheel drive vehicles. One is the Rearward Cross, which is the opposite of the Forward Cross: the rear tires move directly up, left to left and right to right, and the front tires go back and on opposite sides, front right to rear left and front left to rear right.

You can also use the X Pattern for rear- and four-wheel drive. With this, pattern, everything crosses—front left to rear right, rear left to front right, and so on. There are other options, but these are the most common. If you have questions about how to rotate your tires, give us a call at Bill Crispin Chevrolet!

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