Local Historic Parks in Saline, Michigan

Local historic parks trees

The city of Saline, Michigan, has tons of stunning scenery in its local historic parks because the area was once home to many salt flats that date as far back as the Ice Age. Check out the area’s beautiful scenery at any of these many parks:

Mill Pond Park

This is the largest park in Saline and often hosts events for the community. One of its most notable attractions is the artificial 20-acre pond at its heart, which was created by Henry Ford to power nearby Schuyler Mills.

Curtiss Park

Wooded trails and paths, picnic areas and pavilions, sports fields, and a river that can be used for water recreation are all at home here in Curtiss Park. It also borders Oakwood Cemetary.

Tefft Park

A 40-acre park that houses the Saline Recreation Center, Tefft Park offers open fields and sports complexes, including courses for volleyball and Disc Golf.

Wilderness Park

The main draw of this park is its well-designed, shaded trail system that makes for excellent strolling, walking, or jogging. It’s also a popular Boy Scout destination.

Canterbury Park

One of the draws of this small but beautiful park is its close proximity to Saline’s teen center, The Fifth Corner. With a playground, picnic area, and many benches, this is an excellent place for a group event.

Bill Crispin Chevrolet loves the local historic parks in Saline, Michigan, and their testament to the undisturbed beauty of the area, so why not take a stroll in one today?

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