Tips for Improving Gas Mileage: Saving at the Pump

Let’s face it, with fuel costs slowly rising, it’s essential that you get great fuel economy. While the best solution is to opt for an electric or hybrid vehicle to help you save at the pump, there are a few other ways for you to improve fuel economy. That’s why we at Bill Crispin Chevrolet have put together a list of the best tips for improving gas mileage.

Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

One of the best things you can do is drive like you’re riding a bike. That might sound strange, but according to Popular Mechanics, many drivers forget just how much energy it can take to get a two-ton vehicle up a steep hill. Simply being alert while you drive will help you lower fuel consumption. For example, avoid hard brakes, rapid acceleration, and try to coast as much as possible. Above all, don’t speed.

Next, pay attention to your tires. You should always check tire pressure whenever you change your oil, but many technicians suggest you do it every time you get gas. Low tire pressure can lead to added friction on the road, which in turn leads to lower mpg. While it’s important to have full tires, over-inflation can lead to blowouts—an added expense you don’t want.

Finally, plan your route ahead of time. For example, try to get everything done in one trip, and avoid speed lights if possible. If possible, you also want to avoid rush hour. Even if this means you have to leave an hour early for work, avoiding rush hour will prevent you from idling—moments when you literally get zero mpg. Additionally, proper maintenance is key for good gas mileage.

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